Unstoppable Girls Programs

Unstoppable Girls customizes empowerment & educational programs and workshops for colleges, high schools, middle schools & conferences.

Unstoppable Girls Media Literacy®

Unstoppable Girls increases awareness of the influence of media messages and reality television shows. The program explores:

• Types of media
• The messages we get—subtle and obvious—from media
• The impact of advertising on girls every day, in many ways
• How to be social media smart & safe
• Selfies vs. real beauty

Through workshops, girls build their confidence and receive a new view of themselves.

No More Drama Queen: Build Your Self-Esteem®

Did you know that 75 percent of girls with low self-esteem engage in negative activities such as bullying, smoking, drinking and fighting? The program explores:
• Female bullies
• Mean girls and the effects of alienation
• Cyberbullying and social media
• Low self-esteem & decision making
• Anger management & physical aggression

Through workshops, girls build their confidence and receive a new view of themselves.

Career Day and Leadership Panel®

features a dynamic group of female entrepreneurs and professionals from the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) industries. Topics include:
• Leadership & responsibility
• Character building & values
• Turning your passion into a career
• Youth entrepreneurs & startups

Unstoppable Girls Summer Empowerment Retreat®

This annual retreat held at Rutgers University in Newark provides 150 girls, ages 11 to 19, with a safe environment to heal from bullying and participate in breakout sessions to increase their self-esteem, body image, safety and motivation. Girls also get to meet positive role models and extraordinary women and other youth. 


Participants learn how to:
• Cope with bullies
• Increase their self-confidence
• Write and explore their emotions
• Improve their wellness
• Create healthy friendships
• Create vision boards & build their dreams
• Use the music, the arts, dance & exercise to heal
• Use beauty, fashion & modeling to improved body image